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Moving? Choosing Your Moving Method

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    Moving? Choosing Your Moving Method

    Moving used to provide to present two major options: either you used professional movers and moving companies or you moved yourself. However, times have changed. Now there’s a third, and increasingly popular moving option: moving with the use of portable moving and storage containers, sometimes known as pods.

    This article explains the pros and cons of all three options, and helps you decide which one best fits your needs. Here is a guide on how to determine what solution is right for you:

    The Basic Steps

    1. Identify your moving needs.
    2. Prioritize your moving needs.
    3. Identify your moving resources.
    4. Learn the pros and cons of each moving method.
    5. Evaluate each moving method.
    6. Choose the moving method that’s right for you.
    7. Sign your moving contract.

    Choosing Your Moving Method Step 1: Identify Your Moving Needs

    At first it might seem silly to have to physically “write down” your moving needs. I know that I like to believe I can keep track of everything in my head. However, the physical act of writing down your objectives can help a lot. Some sample needs would include:

    * Prioritizing and organizing your move.
    * Packing and/or unpacking
    * Carrying heavy pieces of furniture.
    * Transporting goods across long distances

    Choosing Your Moving Method, Step 2: Prioritize your moving needs.

    The next phase of choosing what you need is assigning a priority to each of the needs you outlined in Step 1. There’s no need for anything fancy here. If you already know that everything you listed is critical, you can consider this step completed. If not, write down a “C” next to the critical needs and an “S” next to the secondary ones.

    Choosing Your Moving Method Step 3: Identify your moving resources.

    Moving resources are the assets you have available to assist in your relocation. The basic idea is to list things you can use to meet some of your moving needs from Step 1. Examples might include:

    * A relocation budget from your new employer.
    * A large group of friends or relatives who might be willing to help.
    * Access to a large truck.

    You’ll use these to identify which critical needs you still have that aren’t being met.

    Choosing Your Moving Method Step 4: Learn the pros and cons of each moving method.

    As I mentioned previously, there are 3 primary moving methods you could choose:

    •”Full service moving”

    -Description: This option uses moving professionals to handle all the loading, transportation, delivery and unloading for your move.

    -Pros: This option gives you the highest level of service up to and including packing and unpacking.

    -Cons: Service can be expensive. A local move of a studio apartment starts around $800, while a 4 bedroom home moved cross country can easily top $25,000.

    -The right answer for: those who have financial means to cover the expense and needs for a full-service solution.

    •”You Pack Moving”

    -Description: Essentially, this form of moving provides you with a storage container at your present location, which you load with all your furniture and boxes. Then depending on your contract, they will pick up the container and drive it to your new location, where you unload all your possessions.

    -Pros: You can save a fair amount on your move because you provide all the labor (although many firms can recommend where you can obtain additional help if you need it). It also provides the convenience of arranging for the transportation for you.

    -Cons: This option still requires much of the labor of Do It Yourself Moving, and has many of the expenses of full-service moves.

    -The right answer for: those who have the ability to much of the packing, loading and uploading, but don’t want to deal with the hassles of driving a moving rental truck to the new location.

    •”Do It Yourself Moving”

    -Description: The full DIY process requires you to rent a moving truck, pack and load the truck, drive to the new location, unload and unpack.

    -Pros: This is by far the cheapest option for local moves; however, it can quickly grow in expense when mileage charges are taken into account. Be very careful to calculate what the final total will be for long distance moves.

    -Cons: Moving is a great deal of work, and this option puts all of the responsibility, as well as the labor, in your hands. Many people underestimate how much work is involved, especially if they have accumulated a large number of possessions over time.

    -The right answer for: those who have a small number of light furniture pieces and only a limited number of boxes to move. It also requires that those Packers and Movers Ludhiana moving either be in good physical shape or have a large number of volunteers who are (smile here).

    Choosing Your Moving Method Step 5: Making the choice and moving forward.

    Now is the time to pull it all together. The first objective is to go back to your list of critical Packers and Movers Ahmedabad moving needs and figuring out which ones can’t be met by your moving resources. Those remaining needs should drive most of your decision. To maximize your savings, use the moving method that meets the most of your critical needs at the lowest cost.
    Once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to select your provider, sign the contract, and set up your moving day.

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