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Moving? Change Of Address Checklist

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    Moving? Change Of Address Checklist

    Moving is always a stressful time. And one of the things that makes moving so stressful is handling all of the details involved in changing your address. When you think of all people and organizations that currently have you listed with your old change of address, the process can seem overwhelming.

    That’s why we created this Change of Address Checklist. We’ve tried to list the most common people and organizations you may want to notify when you move, as well as a few uncommon ones.

    The list is broken into two groups. The first group is the list of common utilities to contact and potentially transfer to your new residence. The second group is composed of “everyone else.”

    Change of Address Checklist: Utilities

    __ Cable and/ or satellite television
    __ Cell phone service (you may be able to keep your current carrier after the move)
    __ Electricity
    __ Gas
    __ Internet and/ or broadband cable line provider
    __ Local phone service (you may want to consider shifting over to a low-cost service such as MagicJack or consolidate everything onto your wireless phone)
    __ Long distance phone service (see above)
    __ Propane tanks and service
    __ Recycling pick-up (depends on your municipality)
    __ Sewer service (depends on your municipality)
    __ Security system (you may want to suggest to the new resident to pick up the same service
    __ Trash pick-up (depends on your municipality)
    __ Water (often this can be done at the same time as the water service)

    Change of Address Checklist: Non-Utilities

    __ Accountant/tax preparer
    __ Alumni associations
    __ Attorneys
    __ Babysitter/ child care provider
    __ Banks (auto loans, checking accounts, credit cards, home equity, IRA’s, mortgage, safe deposit box, savings account)
    __ Broker
    __ Business cards (order new ones)
    __ Cell phone provider
    __ Child care/ daycare
    __ Chiropractor
    __ Courts, especially for traffic tickets or local disputes
    __ Credit bureaus
    __ Credit card issuers
    __ Dentist
    __ Department of Motor Vehicles
    __ Diaper service
    __ Doctor
    __ Dry cleaning pick-up and delivery
    __ Family members
    __ Health clubs
    __ House cleaning service
    __ House of worship
    __ Insurance providers (auto, health, life, other vehicles)
    __ IRS (form 8822)
    __ Lawn care
    __ Luggage tags (replace existing ones)
    __ Magazine subscriptions
    __ New business cards
    __ New employer
    __ Newspaper subscriptions
    __ Old employer
    __ Orthodontist
    __ Parent-teacher association
    __ Passport
    __ Pet sitter/ dog walker/ pet day care
    __ Pharmacy (BONUS: get year-to-date expense summary for taxes)
    __ Physical therapist
    __ Physician (BONUS: get referral for new location)
    __ Post office
    __ Professional organizations
    __ Retirement plan holders
    __ Return address labels (order new ones)
    __ Schools (BONUS: get copies of transcripts)
    __ Snow removal service
    __ Social Security Administration
    __ Swimming pool maintenance (pool cleaning, pool opening or closing)
    __ Swimming pool memberships
    __ Veterinarian BONUS get vet records and recommendations
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