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The course syllabus has covered sufficient topics with useful notes.
Our teacher is also well-equipped with experience to answer all our questions.

Chiong Yok Cheng
Thai Read & Write Level 4 Student

Excellent syllabus and very experienced teacher who makes learning engaging.
She is great in correcting our pronunciation and always willing to share interesting bits like Cantonese slang.
All of these will come in handy for my relocation to Hong Kong!

Tobi Teo
Conversational Cantonese Level 2 Student

The teacher generates interest in our learning and always engages us to ask questions.
She is also very knowledgeable and guides us well with the answers provided.

Jessie Na
Thai Read & Write Level 4 Student

A good place to build up your language foundation. Group sessions were fun times where you get to learn from your peers. The teacher was a Hong Kong Native who was open to sharing his personal stories and always introduced new vocabulary which was above what was covered in the mandatory lesson plans. Most importantly, you get real feedback and immediate pronunciation corrections to become a more fluent in conversing in the new language.

Marcus Seetoh
Conversational Cantonese Level 1

Awesome teacher! The course syllabus is well-organised and met my needs to speak Thai well.
It helps that the materials provided are clear and applicable.

Ho Khin Hong
Conversational Thai Level 1 Student

Teaching is an amazing calling. Discover your career.