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Learning Thai in Singapore with Oxford Language Academy


Overview of Thai Courses

Oxford Language Academy offers a variety of Thai courses that are sure to meet your requirements in learning Thai. These include part-time group or private conversational Thai language classes for adults, Thai Reading & Writing, Thai language training for businesses and corporations and preparatory courses for the Thai Proficiency Test. All Thai Courses are taught by native speaking Thai Teachers.

Thai is spoken by people in the North and South Eastern parts of Asia. It is a monosyllabic language, where a few words are stringed to form a sentence.

While there are numerous resources and methods available online for anyone to learn Thai,  group classes offer a significant advantage. It offers a great opportunity for students to meet other individuals who are just as keen about the language and culture. The advice from other students and sharing resources will help to ease your learning journey.  Additionally, some students find that they are more committed to learning a language in a group setting as compared to a private tutor!

The Thai Reading & Writing component of our classes is separate from the conversational portion, unlike our other languages, providing students with a more holistic curriculum to learning the language. However, students looking to join our Thai Reading & Writing classes need to have some basic knowledge of spoken Thai.

Thai language training provides numerous advantages for businesses, especially for businesses who deal with Thai speaking customers or have Thai speaking counterparts. Through our language training, we provide enterprises with the opportunity to improve their communication skills and build a better connection with their Thai speaking customers. This course is designed to suit your business’ varying needs, in which we will tailor any language courses to suit your business requirements.

Conversational Thai

The first step to learning a language, is learning how to speak it.  Being able to speak a language is in itself difficult, as not only do you need to know the right words to say, but you also need to be able to understand the message that the other person is trying to convey, in order to be able to carry out a conversation.

Interested to carry out a conversation in Thai? Find out how you can start learning Thai in Singapore with Oxford Language Academy!

Thai Reading & Writing

While some might feel that learning to speak Thai is sufficient, students are highly encouraged to continue on to learn Thai Reading & Writing. Through this course, students will learn to read and write Thai characters and short essays. In addition, students will also be exposed to new vocabulary and practice sentence structuring, where they will gain a better understanding of integrating these words into sentences.

Ready to take the next step to learning Thai? Find out how you can start learning to read and write Thai with Oxford Language Academy.

Corporate Language Training

Many businesses fail to realise the benefits of developing the language ability of their workforce. In this linguistically diversified world, businesses that are able to speak the language of their clients and customers enjoy better relationships with them.

Find out how Oxford Language Academy can help your business connect with the world.

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